A Kiss from Honey ^^ v

Posted on: September 20, 2006

HONEY!!!… ups… don’t get me wrong… He is my little, cutty, bunny, hunny hehehe…

It all began with Telus TV commercial for xmas 2005. Those cute bunnies on the TV made me wanted them so much. I always screamed everytime the ads popped up on the TV, on the street poster, bus, etc… *and I guess Yudi couldn’t take it anymore lol* He kindly joined me to see bunny at pet store. I exactly remember the first time I went to Petcetera @ Richmond was when I finished my last exam on December. I was soooooo excited and even Yudi pushed me to buy a bunny at that time. But none was catching my heart that time *well, there was a light-brown bunny exactly like on the Telus ad that catched my eyes, but still I was still not sure bout it*.

My bunny-freakness attitude continued for about 3 months *even after the tv ads were gone hehehe…* Surprisingly, Denny’s roomate had to go back to Indo and guess what! He had a bunny!!! Denny asked me whether I wanted to adopt the bunny, so I went to his apartment to see it. Well, I wasn’t so excited about the bunny that time, coz she is too big & black hehehe… Plus she doesn’t like to be touched or pet. I didn’t give him an answer until one day, after my 8 am biochem class, Denny told me that his bunny gave birth to 4 baby bunnies. GREAT! The sad news was two of them already died and the others two were abandoned by their mom. So sad… *until that time, I still calm… hehehe* Some days later, Denny told me that one of the baby bunny died because it was too weak. My heart sunk. I told him, if the other baby bunny alived, I would like to adopt it. I wasn’t so serious at first, but Denny seemed to take it so serious. He took care of the baby, fed it to the mom, etc etc… *What a wonderful taker hehehe… THX though!*

A couple weeks later, I went to Denny’s apartment to look at the baby bunny. It was so small, just about the size of my palm. His eyes were still closed and that was the first time I feel a great connection between him and me. Later on, I always asked about the baby bunny everytime I chatted with Denny *hohohoh…* Plus, Denny gave his permission to take care of the baby bunny after the baby could be seperated from the mom. I just couldn’t wait for that!

One day, after my class at UBC, me and Yudi somehow got off at Kitsilano (coz we took 99 B-line). We walked along and as I remember it was a bit rainy. Suddenly, we passed "Noah’s Pet Ark" shop and definitely I wouldn’t miss a moment to check out the bunny they had in store. Then, after I talked to the owner, I saw a Rabbit Cage. I was hesitate to buy it or not, since I didn’t know if I would take the baby rabbit from Denny or not. But Yudi kept pushing me and finally, I bought them *THX so much to Yudi who helped me to bring the big box =) *

As soon as I got the cage, I called Denny and asked him if I could take the baby bunny from him. And he said YES! WOW! Wonderful!!! Later that night, I went to his house with a small box of flower case. The bunny looked healthy and soooo cute. His size was just about Yudi’s palm (which a bit bigger than mine hehehe). And that was one of the most wonderful days in my life.

So, how did I come up with a name? Hm… the next day after I brought him home, I called him "Honey" and suddenly, he came out from the box and looked at my eyes. Plus at that time, I thought he was a girl hehehe… That’s why I called him Honey. Well, for the fact that he was a boy, I think Honey is a universal name for girl/boy for rabbit world =P

Honey is almost seven months old. I love him so much. Although, he bit me lately, I know he loves me too. Everytime I hold him and kiss him in his head, he lick my hand back. And when I bring my lips close to him, he kiss me in my lips…. *so sweet…* Well, I hope I can be his best "mom" in the world.

Name      : Honey
Nickname: honey, hunny, ‘ndut, bunny
Sex         : Male
Type       : Dwarf mix (Dwarf & mini?)
Color      : Dark-grey
D.O.B     : Feb 22, 2006
Fav food : lettuce
Fav spot  : under the stove @ my house

6 Responses to "A Kiss from Honey ^^ v"

huahuahuauhahuuaha… reading ur blog is like reading the huney’s biography… hehehehe.. nice one.. kaya drama2 aja.. jadi pengen nangis =p

gile… lengkap bgt ceritanya mel….
cariin pasangannya dong ntar… biar tambah banyak bunnies nya… hehhee

wuihhh…kayaknya bahgia banget tuh punya bunny..
duh jadi ngiri..tapi aku pengen puppy hix…

I know how it feels!!! Reminds me the day I adopted Snooy!! He was 8 lbs!! Being a ‘mom’ to a pet is unbelievable yah lin… And btw.. D.O.B nya Honey is the date we adopted Snoopy!!! huahuahuahua… lucu… Enjoy the moment of ‘parenthood’!!!

Bunny mu lucu
jadi inget bunny ku yang dirumah
Udah tua sih tapi….. udah 5 taun

Hahaha… thx my friend… i agree with Lina: it’s unbelieveable to be the “mom” & I do enjoy the parenthood =P

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