Honey, my baby girl

Posted on: March 30, 2007

Honey is now 13 months and 9 nine days-old. She’s getting bigger, naughtier, funnier, missable, and ADORABLE! She’s trully a blessing for me and she’s more than just a little bunny but really my best friend. The difference is that she can only express her feeling but she doesn’t talk.

Recently, she refused to eat and I think she was sick. I bought her diffrent kinds of veggies, fruits, grasses, and pellets. But she just didn’t wanna eat them. As a ‘mom’, I was really worried. The weird thing is that she always want my food when I eat near her. As if she knew that what food is delicious for me, it must be good for her too. Funny it may sounds, but it’s true! She even ate rice, brownies, lolipop, jello, etc –> just like human! hahahhaa… Eniway, I know it’s not good for her, so I just give her tinny itsy bitsy bite, just for ‘treat’ (the unhealthy one =p ). I’m glad that she’s now getting better, she begins to eat her ‘food’ (i.e. grasses, pellets & veggies). She really makes me worried for the last three days! Even when I was at work, I just couldn’t stop thinking of her. Plus when I searched on the internet, it was said that Honey is shown a symptom of “Gastrointestinal Static” which is the “Silent Killer” of rabbit! The article said that if your bunny stops eatting and reduces the amount of droppings, it may be IT! The worst thing is that the bunny eats its own fur and thus, it causes ‘hairball’ in its stomach and makes the bunny feeling full even though the bunny hasn’t eaten anything! And suddenly, the bunny just stop breathing and dies. NOOOOO It can’t happen to Honey! Luckyly, it’s not happening and it WON’T happen. I promise to myself that I should take care of Honey as best as I could.

Speaking about ‘loss’, I just can’t imagine if I loses Honey. Maybe I’ll cry for the whole month! Oh God, I just can’t imagine that. My life has been changed since Honey came. She brings me joy and lotssss of smile to me. I would feel a big hole in my heart if she left me. Just for a simple example, right now, Honey is at Yudi’s house since she can running around at his big empty living room (not like mine that is stuffed =p ). At night, when I get back home, I feel something is missing from my living room. No more Honey’s cage! No more that scratching noise! No more ‘tik-tik-tik’ noise when Honey drinks from her bottle! It feels SO QUIET! And it’s SO BAD! Sometimes, I think what if (and hope this won’t happen) I should go back to Indo for good and I can’t bring Honey with me. I would be crying and crying inside my heart silently and I would be worried because I don’t know if Honey was treated good or not in her new family. I just wish and pray that this would never happen. I guess I have been attached so deeply with Honey.

Well, enough for the sad part. The great part is that Honey is now getting chubbier hehehe. And she is now so obidient and like to be petted! But still hate to be held *sigh*. I must thank Yudi for teaching Honey to be obidient. When I or Yudi pets Honey’s head, she’s now sit down and enjoy being petted. The most adorable thing is that when I open Yudi’s apartment door, Honey runs to me with her shinny eyes. It’s like she knows that I come and she misses me…. *sooo sweeetttt* But, hold your thought to go near Honey. Unless, you’re ready to be scratched and bitten hehehehe… If anyone else comes near Honey (besides me, Yudi & Hansen), Honey is not a nice bunny anymore, but she becomes a little ‘monster’ — or dog, you can say. She’s not really comfortable with other people who she doesn’t know and yes, she will bite you whatever your intension is =P What can make her like you? FOOD hahahaha…

Well, I have to get her spayed so that she can’t get pregnant. I feel that it’s cruel to sterilize her since animal has right too to be reproduce. However, an article on the internet said that if she didn’t get spayed, she could get a cancer. And now, I’m confused =S I also not planning to adopt another bunny, for me it’s too much mess to take care 2 bunnies at this time (considering I’m so swamped with working & I don’t really know if I can stay here for a long time). Should I spayed her or not? Hm… I gotta think bout this. Miss u, Honey. Sweet dream =)

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