Cost of Fame

Posted on: February 2, 2008

>Everywhere, entertainers’ gossips are a delicious guilty pleasure – well at least for me, it’s true. I spend at least 1 hour every day to check or before going to sleep, just to get updated gossips about the celebs. I know it’s wasting my time and yet, that’s my gateway from a long day stress.

In the past couple of months, news about Britney Spears are everywhere! (and I’m getting sick of these news!). I once read around midnight and I was so surprise that there were like tons of Britney’s news which were updated every hour! That’s INSANE! How can so many paparazzi following her 24 hours??? Don’t those paparazzi have better news to cover? My heart goes to Britney. I felt sorry for her situation. If I were her, I probably wouldn’t survive those paparazzi and I would go MAD! – which is what Britney is right now.

Couple months ago, one of my friend’s mom came here. She’s just a regular housewife and what I like about her is that she know all the gossip about the celebrities in my home-country. From what I heard from her, the celebrities in my home-country were now totally different than they were five years ago when I left. Now, sex before marriage, divorce, abuse, ‘adult’ scene in the movie, and many of things that weren’t allowed in Eastern culture are emerged and people are get used to them. Is this a culture shift? OR Is it just a trend all over the world? I think celebs in my home-country are just trying to “Hollywood-nize” themselves so that people think that celebs are cool. That’s so silly!

What I learn about the celebrities’ life is that the fame they earned costs them their life! Once the public recognize you, your life is an open door that people can see what you are doing, what your struggle is, who do you go dinner with, what clothes and shoes are you wearing, etc etc. Fame may feel good. Honestly, who doesn’t like money and good life?! But when the harsh critiques struck you, you’ll feel that your heart is crushed, torn, or stabbed. But that’s the consequence that celebs can’t avoid. How well they keep their life private, gossips would emerge out of nowhere because people are curious about “unseen” part of the celebs.

If there was a chance for me to be a celeb, would I take it? Personally, I would think millions or gazillions time to take that chance. I love my private life. I don’t need people all over the world to recognize me. But, I do want to contribute something to the community and I believe that there’re thousand ways to do it without passing the celebs lifestyle. I am a human and I know that once you are famous, your mind and heart may easily affected and change. I realize that even me, myself, is prone to these changes. I’m grateful for who I am right now. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to life with what I need. For those who decided to become a celebrity, Guard Your Heart!

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