Happy 5th bday, Honey :)

Posted on: February 26, 2011

Yes, it’s been 5 years since Honey, the bunny, was born! She’s still my cute little baby bunny – although in rabbit year, 5 year old is not a baby anymore. If you want to know how I got her, you can read this.

Actually, her birthday was Feb 22. However, these past 3 days, I was very sick. So, today, I decided to make a special ‘treat’ for her. I got my inspiration from this guy. He created these cute meals for his hamsters. Anyway, with lack of creativity :S I put my best effort with love 🙂

The ingredients: a big apple (I have Pacific rose), broccoli florets, pineapple chucks, carrots! Forget the yellow pepper, I found that Honey doesn’t like it! She has sweet tooth like me heheheh…

How to make it?
– Bowl: I slice the apple horizontally about 1 inch thick, then slice it into 2 at the core. On the one of the halves, I tried to ‘carve’ oval shaped that resembled a bowl. Once I got it, carved out the middle, so I can put the filling inside.
– Carrot filling: I sliced the carrot very very thin ~ even thinner than julliene cut.
– Broccoli florets: I only need very little of this… Since the bowl was quite small and I put too much carrot inside, I intended to have 5 tiny florets to resemble 5 candles… So, you can imagine, I only need very tiny amount for this.
– Pineapple chucks: since pineapple is good for preventing hair ball in rabbit, I decided to put this as garnish. I only slice 2 very little cube to put on top.

And voilaa….. This is the special treat for my Honey bunny:

It only took me about 15 minutes to make this… The hardest part was to make the ‘bowl’. I suggested to make it from a big apple and preferably less watery type. Since I love Pacific Rose type because of its sweetness – and this was the only one available in my fridge – so I just grabbed it hehehe…

Honey’s reaction was “Give me my treat! Fast!” hahaha…



It only took her 3 minutes to finished everything! The first thing she ate was the apple bowl… Even when I was taking picture of her reaction from outside her cage, she was very anxious because she can smell the apple! Ah… what a sweet jukie…. 😛 I believe, Honey enjoyed her treat to the max… And now, time for diet hehehe… She’s gotten fat lately since it has been very cold outside so I couldn’t let her play outside on my balcony. Anyway, Happy 5th Bday again my baby Honey 🙂




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