Re-route Plan

Posted on: May 20, 2011

Anyong haseyo! I know it’s been a while since my last entry ~ like usual. Well, this time I have a valid reason. On April 2011, me and my boyfriend – well, fiance now 🙂 for story stay tuned!, planned an exciting holiday to Japan. I’d been planning this trip since January and did a lot of researching since it was going to be just the two of us in Tokyo.

Fast forward to mid March, we got the plane tickets, booked the hotel, and got all the itineraries ready. Then on the same week I got my Japan visa, Japan got hit by earthquake & tsunami… MAJOR BUMMER! I felt like my 3 months research just went down the drain! I got really stressed out but fortunately, we got full refund on our hotels and only paid couple more bucks to reissue our ticket to another destination, that is KOREA!

Well, the stress didn’t end here! We still had to do a lot of researches on how to survive in Seoul in less than 3 weeks! Fortunately enough, we decided to join a 5-days tour during our 7 days stay and it turned out very very advantageous for us. Honestly, Seoul was our very first destination when we planned this whole holiday gateway. We watched a lot of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation and Andrew Zimmern’s Bizzare Food. From those programs, we felt that Tokyo was far more interesting than Seoul since it looked like that Tokyo is more metropolitan and hi-tech city. Well, there goes Tokyo Disneyland that I’d been dreaming for weeks, cool Tsukiji fish market, and bye bye Harajuku/Shinjuku/ Shibuya/ Akihabara 😦 I guess things happened and we could only hope the best for us without losing the fun part.

We stayed in South Korea for 7 days. The first two days, we roamed Seoul by ourselves and met with my fiance’s friend. The last 5 days (well technically only 4 days), we joined a tour group from Indonesia and went to out-of-town areas – this is WHY we don’t regret join the tour at all! My impression of Seoul changed a bit after the trip. I used to think that Seoul would be a boring city, but in-fact, there are a lot of area that we couldn’t explore during our stay! Simply because we had limited time…. Maybe next time?! Also, Seoul is pretty hi-tech city and has very excellent transport system (9 subway lines with hundreds of station connecting different parts of the city!). The subway really really made our self-exploration very convenient. Before I went there, my co-worker said that many Koreans can’t speak English. Well, that’s true for some part but we found that Koreans do know very basic English. As usual, just be patient with them and if the natives are really really annoyed with us, just smile, said ‘It’s okay and Thank you’ politely!, and try to ask other people 😉

So for the next 7 entries, enjoy my journey in South Korea…. Hope it inspires you or at least give a small picture of Seoul.



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