Hooligans in Wondaland – Bruno Mars & Janelle Monae

Posted on: June 4, 2011

Me & my fiance went to Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae’s concert! I must say Bruno Mars is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! His voice is really really really good!!! He was also fun and interacted with the audience. Ok let’s start from the beginning.

The opening act was Mayer Hawthrone. His music is a combination of blues, jazz, and soul – reminding me of my dad’s favorite music. This was the first time I heard his name and I quite like him.


Mayer Hawthrone

The show then continued with Janelle Monae. I first heard about her was because one of the songs – Tightrope – was featured in Chevrolet Cruze commercial. I also noticed her as the musical guest at one of talk shows – maybe it was Ellen Degeneres show? She is really talented. Her voice is great and her quirky attitude certainly distinct her from other musician. On the show, I found it hard to love her. The music was too loud and all I could hear was her screamings. Her lyrics seemed to be drown in the loud-high pitch-screeching electric guitar and banging drum 😦 Only when she covered Michael Jackson’s Smile with just an electric guitar, did she sound very great and it showed her true beautiful singing voice. There were some paintings going on, sing-a-long ended with Janelle & crews laying on the floor, and ended with Janelle ran across the floor seats. A bit awkward but still, the screaming was too much 😦


Janelle Monae

After almost 20 minutes break, the main star, Bruno Mars, emerged from the stage. He pretty much covered all of the songs from his album, Doo-Wops & Hooligans, started with The Other Side and I Wanna be a Billionare, then: gentle-sweet Our First Time, Runaway Baby, Marry You, The Lazy Song, Count on Me, Liquor Store Blues, Nothing on You, Grenade, and ended with Just the Way You Are. For a moment, we thought the concert was over. The stage was darkened BUT the whole room was still dark. My fiance was ready to go but I insisted to stay for a while. My instinct was RIGHT! Bruno Mars & his band  came back to the stage and sing the very last song Talking to the Moon with a big moon & tree at the background. His show felt so alive. The audiences sang along with him and some of them danced 🙂 Lesson learned: NEVER go out from the arena BEFORE the curtains go down and the lights in the room are ON!!!




Bruno Mars

At the end of the show, he said that this was his first show in my town and he will surely come back SOON! So, yeah… I’ll go to his concert again, only IF the full 3 hours (or at least 2 hours) is Bruno Mars’ show! ~ not some screaming newcomers 😛


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