Please get well soon, Honey :(

Posted on: August 15, 2011

I know it’s been a long time from my last blog. Me & my fiance have been busy looking for our new houses. Who thought looking for ONE dream house could be so complicated and tiring. We’re now just waiting for the decision for the seller *crossing our fingers that we get it.*

So, last night Honey – my pretty fuzzy bunny – refused to eat and drink. She didn’t even touch her favorite treat I gave her. When I hold her, she was just weak and didn’t want to move around. I forced her to drink using straw because I was afraid that she would be dehydrated from hot summer weather. I even woke up every hour to check on her during the night.

Weak lil bunny… No twinkle in her eyes…

This morning, I decided to bring her to my office and dropped her to a vet near my office (since I read some reviews on the internet that the hospital is pretty good for rabbit). The doctor examined Honey thoroughly. First, she checked her stomach and liver. There were some area near Honey’s hind legs that seemed to be hurt when the doctor squeezed those ~ but the doctor said it was normal… pufhhh… Then, the doctor checked her teeth, in case Honey accidentally bit her tongue due to uneven teeth. Again, the teeth seemed okay. The doctor concluded that Honey might get GastroIntestinal Stasis. I suspected this diagnosis when I did some researches the night before. In English, GI stasis  translates as the poo stucks in the intestine. There are a lot of factor that can cause this: eating too little fiber, eating ‘weird’ stuffs (like plastics, paper, beddings), infections, or maybe furball. The doctor also said it seemed that Honey is gassy. She’ll gave her drugs to help dissolve the gas in the stomach. But the doctor wanted to keep Honey in the hospital for a day in order to make sure that the gas is disappear and she can poo & get her appetite back.

So yeah… My home is so empty without her. It broke my heart to see her empty cage. No stomping feet… No noises from her drinking water bottle… No little tongue licking my finger… It’s just emptiness…. I, myself, have to see a doctor to have an annual medical examination. After my doctor appointment, I went to downtown for a while coz I know I’ll go crazy at home without Honey. But then, my mind was thinking about Honey all the time so I decide to go home. On the way home, I kept feeling guilty. If only did I spend more time to play with her or if I gave her more fresh veggies… And the ‘ifs’ keep going on and on….

I know that Honey is in good hands now. From this evening until tomorrow afternoon, I’m just hoping that I won’t get a call from the doctor asking for my permission to get X-ray for Honey. I’m just hoping that Honey can poo as much as she can and get her appetite back so I can take her home tomorrow. I’m sorry Honey if I’m not the best mom in the world… I try my best to be… Please get well soon….


With pray & love,


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