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We woke up pretty early for this day since we were planning to take a bus from Quebec City to Montreal. If you’re taking ground public transportation, you can either take bus (Orleans Express) or train (Via Rail). Both options have similar price. We spent $56.80 for the bus ticket per person, but if you are student, you can get a discount (I think my brother’s ticket was $10 cheaper than mine). Most Orleans Express’ buses have FREE Wi-Fi in the bus; however, when we were on the bus, we could only check the email – NOT opening websites.

From our hotel, we took a taxi to Gare du Palais, the bus and train terminal located in Old Quebec. It was about $15-20 ride. We didn’t book the ticket in advance since we were thinking that not much people would travel during this holiday time. PLUS when we checked the Orleans Express website, we found out that the bus going to Montreal was pretty much available every hour. The trip from Quebec City to Montreal took about 3 hours. God blessed me because I slept like a baby throughout the trip and I was surprised when our bus passed through a bridge overlooking La Ronde which told me that we were already in Montreal! (La Ronde is an amusement park in Montreal, but it only opens during summer. It has some very extreme rides from what I saw from the bus ~ definitely NOT for me! hahaha…).

The bus stopped at Gare d’Autocars de Montreal (1717 Rue Berri). This was only a block from Station Berri-UQAM, the central subway station in Montreal. We had some difficulties carrying our luggage from the bus station to the subway since it didn’t have elevator nearby. So yeah, I relied on the strength of my 2 favorite boys 😛 Luckily, there was an underground passage that connects the two stations since it was pouring snow outside! From my research earlier, it’s more beneficial for us to buy a 3-days passes for the Metro (subway) since it can be used in subway and bus unlimitedly! And it was only $16!!! Plus, if it can be used for 747 Express Bus going from certain downtown areas to the airport. If you want some information about Montreal metro system, click to its website. And here’s the map of the subway.

Montreal metro 2014

Montreal Metro Map

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