Montreal – day 2

Posted on: March 6, 2012

Finally, we didn’t have to wake up early! YAY! However, since we had to move to another hotel, we had to check out before noon. The thing that made me worried was the weather outside! According to the website, it was supposed to be snowing with wind chill, so the -18C temperature would feel like it was -31C!!!! And boy, was it TRUE! We were freezing and almost blown away by the strong wind. It was so hard to walk while carrying big luggage and plus, my face was hurt so bad from the needle-piercing snow.

Yes, we survived -31C!!!

Okay, okay I stop whining 😛 So, we headed to Hotel Le Dauphin Centre Ville that located near Rue Saint-Catherine (the shopping strip!). Before booking this hotel, I did a vast amount of research, just because I was worried about the quality from a small boutique hotel. However, lots of people rated this hotel with high stars: its proximity to nearby shopping & restaurant and bus stop to airport, its comfy room, and the FREE Wi-Fi in the room with a desktop! *really, what hotel provides you a desktop in the room nowadays!* Also, the price was still within our budget. We took 747 express bus from Hotel Cantille Suite to Le Dauphin because the stops were nearby from both hotel – so convenient!

After checking in, we immediately hit Rue Saint-Catherine because we were super hungry. My brother did a little research and found that Kazu is one of the best Japanese food in Montreal. When we got there, it was closed! *ahhhh…. the place looked like an authentic Japanese restaurant and the note on the door said that the owner was vacationing hahhah….* We then ate at a Japanese/ Chinese restaurant somewhere along the street. Since we had no certain agenda for that day, we decided to go with the flow and did some shoppings. I went to Ogilvy, one of Quebecois department stores and found some good clothes to cheer me up 🙂 Along the way, we saw a bakery Au Pain Dore and bought croissant and a special Christmas tart – BOTH ARE SUPER GOOD! The croissant was flaky and chewy; while the tart was in perfect sweetness! Oh I wish we bought the whole pan of tart hahaha… Au Pain Dore has several locations – when we went to Marche Jean-Talon, we saw another one and ate the tart again! Still super good! You MUST try it!

Ogilvy Christmas display

Wondering aimlessly, we happened to saw a restaurant called iBurger. Since my fiance is an Apple freak, we took some pictures in front of the restaurant because when we saw the menu, the burgers were pretty pricey. Later, we found out that this restaurant is a high tech one! Oh, we regret that we didn’t go there to experience it! The tables inside the restaurant are touch screen and you order your burger from your table! COOL! They even have Sushi burger! How awesome is that! Ah well, maybe next time if I go to Montreal again 😛 See the youtube video, here.

 iBurger restaurant

Moving along, we passed through Sun Life Building on Metcalf Street. We then found a big cathedral at the corner of the Boulevard Rene Levesque O. Intrigued by the beautiful exterior of the church, we tried to get in – we were afraid that the church was closed – and we were out of word! The church was Marie Reine du Monde Cathedral. The interior of the church was STUNNING, breath-taking, and so detailed! Once we entered the church, you could feel the sacred feeling and made you so warm inside. So, enough for the fuzzy talk, see the pictures below…



Marie Reine du Monde Cathedral

Since the wind was not stopping anytime soon, we agreed that we would go shopping in the underground mall, RESO. RESO is a network of shopping, business, hotel, and subway station that “over 32 km (20 mi) of tunnels spread over more than 12 km2 (4.6 sq mi)” (wikipedia). I remembered from one of the pictures I found during googling, The Bay store has both English and French name (The Bay & Le Baie) at the front of the store, so we headed toward McGill Station at Promenades Cathedral exits. Christ Church Cathedral stands nearby. The unique thing about this church was that it has a rainbow flag inside, that signifies its supports for GLBT community.

The Bay / Le Baie

RESO – the underground mall ; Christ Church Cathedral – Promenades Cathedral

We went back inside RESO to find a subway station so we could go back to the hotel. We then came across Central Station. If you take VIA Rail train to/ from anywhere, this is your place! The station was decorated with Christmas light and I just had to take pictures of this pretty lights 😛 On one side of the walls, it has a whole lyrics of O Canada written down.


Central Station

We went back to our hotel because we were super tired. At the same time, we were super hungry, so we agreed to try another restaurant that served Montreal smoked meat sandwich to compare it with Schwartz’s. First destination was Dunn’s but they were closed; so, we headed to Reuben’s. We only ordered 2 sandwich: classic Montreal smoked meat sandwich and Reuben’s sandwich. Both were okay. The meat texture was different than Schwartz’s. Schwartz’s meat was tender and a bit flaky; while Reuben’s was more dense – close to ham texture. According to Urbanspoon, Reuben’s chocolate cheesecake was good, but then I didn’t really want it so we tried to look another dessert option.

Then, we stumbled upon Cacao 70. From the rating and review, this cafe seemed very promising. Does Chocolate Pizza sound appetizing to you? And it really WAS! This cafe was on the farther West of Rue Saint-Catherine, so we took a bus to go there. The cafe was very warm and inviting with wooden decor. They have a chest fridge containing small containers with different types of cacao with various percentage from different countries. They even have this mini chocolate dispensers… SUPER cute! We arrived pretty late at night, so the cafe was pretty quiet – just some couple who enjoyed fondue or shared a glass of chocolate… ahh young love… It was a great place to hang out! The servers were friendly and nice. They gave us complimentary 3 cups of different chocolate drink while we were still deciding what to get. Finally, we ordered half portion the Chocolate and Hazelnuts Pizza! (Yes, you can order half portion or full size). Although it was only half portion, we were stuffed by the end of the meal *but honestly, I could eat the whole portion by myself 😛 * The pizza bread was soft, yet the outside edge was crunchy. They were really really generous in drizzling the melted chocolate on top of the bread… super nyum… Oh, the chocolate pizza also came with fruits on the side. Since we didn’t buy the chocolate drink, we bought a chocolate drink mix in a cute jar. I haven’t try it yet, I’ll update later 😛 With chocolate in my belly, I slept like a baby that night – and had a happy happy dream in choco land hahhaha….


Cacao 70’s menu ; The chest fridge with various percentage of cacao ; The CHOCOLATE PIZZA!

Inside Cacao 70 – warm wooden decor & mini chocolate dispensers 🙂


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