Montreal – day 5

Posted on: March 9, 2012

Last day in Montreal… So sad that we had to go home so soon 😦 There was no certain agenda for the activities, so we planned to pay some visits to different churches. But first, we checked out from our room and put our luggage in the storage since we were pulling all-nighter for the new year eve fireworks! The first church we visited was St. Patrick’s Basilica. It’s a Irish-influenced church with gothic style – similar to most of the churches throughout Montreal. The interior of the church was mainly from red wood. Contrasting with the wood, the cream-white altar showcased the detail craving of the decoration and its ornamental ceiling was simply beautiful!


St. Patrick’s Basilica

The next church we went was Saint James United Church. Unfortunately, it was not open to public at the time we were there. The church was in the middle of the busy Rue Saint Catherine, which makes it very convenience.

Saint James United Church

Rue Saint Catherine

Next, we headed to Christ Church Cathedral in downtown area too. We passed this church on the 2nd day we were in Montreal but it was close. This time, we made a brief visit to this gothic Anglican church. The red ceiling beautifully brightens the stone foundation of the church. The stained glass windows makes the church even more pretty.

For lunch, we went to Au Pain Dore – again – for the third time. This time, I ordered a soup and a sandwich that were good. We then passed Dorchester Square and went peeking to check whether iBurger was open – but it was closed! 😦 On the trees in this Square, there were a lot of mini bird houses. In fact, there were a lot of birds sitting around the bushes. Cute! There are a lot of monuments and statues around this park.

Au Pain Dore


Dorchester Square

We continued our journey to St. George’s Anglican Church. This church was very distinctive from afar because of its red door. However, it was closed. Not to worry! Since it was just across Bell Centre! I wanted to re-visited Bell Centre to take pictures of Montreal Canadiens statues in the front it – that we didn’t have chance after watching Cirque Du Soleil’s Dralion.


Bell Centre with Montreal Canadiens

Afterward, we took subway from Station Lucien-L’Allier. There was a passage way connecting Bell Centre and the metro station but the passage way was dark and dingy. Our last destination was Presbyterian church: the Church of Saint Andrew and St Paul on Sherbrooke Street. When we got there, it was pretty late in the afternoon so we didn’t have much hope that the church would open. Instead, we found that Montreal Museum of Fine Arts was nearby, so we went inside. There are actually 2 museum buildings that are located across each other. We went inside the building that was on the same side with the church. Inside, they had African relics exhibit and the contemporary arts exhibit. The most attractive ones were the uniques chairs, some cool inventions, and technology timeline history (see the picture collage below – I took tons of pictures of cool stuffs there but couldn’t post it all hehehe… it was just too much!).

We went across the street to check out the museum gift shop. They sell lots of cool stuffs! Then, my brother spotted orgels/ music boxes that are similar to the one I bought from Seoul! I bought one with happy birthday song. We were rushed since the gift shop was about to close.


Next, we went to Schwartz’s to have dinner for the last time! So sad 😦 Luckily, we didn’t have to wait and almost immediately seated. The restaurant was pretty quiet since it was new year eve. As I mentioned before, we bought 3 pounds of smoked meat to be brought back to Vancouver. Since it was still 7pm, we waited at Tim Horton’s that opened 24 hours. Hanging out for about 2 hours, we decided to go back to the hotel to put our shopping bags and prepared for the fireworks.


Celine Dions and many celebrities visited Schawartz’s ; Outside Place des Art 

We left the hotel at 10 pm toward Old Montreal Quay. Telus Fire On Ice was the main events for the new year countdown at midnight. I think they closed most of the streets for cars in Old Montreal. On Place Jacques Cartier, they set up a stage and people was gathering there and dancing toward the music. On the Skating ring on the quay, a lot of people were already having fun. We walked around the quay and took some pictures overlooking Clock tower and Biosphere. We then just waited outside near the skating ring and it was CHILLY! After an hour or so wait, the fireworks started. The beginning of the show, everyone was pretty excited but in the middle of the show, some rascals came and tried to push everyone forward. There was a girl who braved herself to give those rascals some lessons. Applause for her! The show only lasted for 30 minutes (minus some minutes of discomfort caused by the rascals) but it was a good show to start a new year with a bang!


We walked back to the hotel and was ready to go to the airport. We took 747 express bus that still run although it was new year! The trip was about 40 minutes long and I slept partly through the trip. At the airport, we were way early. The airline counter was still closed but there were lots of people waiting around too. As soon as we sit on the plane, we were lost in our dream. Thankfully, it was a direct flight from Montreal to Vancouver, so the next time I opened my eyes, we were already at rainy Vancouver! Thank you, Montreal for a wonderful refreshing vacation! See you next time!

My two-cents about Montreal:
Two things I really love about Montreal are the architecture and the food! The bricks, stone wall, and the carving are just simply stunning. I rarely see them here in Vancouver. Although Montreal is bigger in size and population than Vancouver, it has that charming old city feel that warms everyone who visits there. Montreal is more metropolitan in some way than Quebec City; hence, most of the residents there are bilingual (English & French). Who doesn’t find that French is sexy?! hahahaa…

During our stay there, we really wanted to eat at Martin Picard‘s restaurant, Au Pied du Cochon. From what we heard, this French style restaurant has a foie gras dish that is to die for! However, when I tried to make a reservation, there was nobody to answer the phone. Maybe one day, when I’m going back to Montreal, I’m definitely gonna make a reservation in advance!


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