New Orleans – day 1

Posted on: March 15, 2012

This post is almost 1.5 years too late hahahah… – this trip was before I start doing travel blogging and so many times, I wanted to do it but had no time *or just too lazy* So, without further ado, here’s my travel journal from 2010!

This trip was my birthday gift from my boyfriend! I was just desperate to go out from Vancouver – the reason? Just plain simple: I was bored! My first destination of choice was San Diego. Then, I found out that the plane ticket was expensive during the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. Why San Diego? I wanted to go to a city that is quiet but still has charm. I also heard from my coworker who just visited San Diego that there were lots of museum around – I would have loved this! So, why did I drastically changed my destination to New Orleans? I totally have no idea until now! It was just my gut feeling. In the past week prior to my booking, I somehow watched a lot of New Orleans related movie/ news/ documentaries which might draw my unconscious mind to have New Orleans on my mind! To tell you the truth, at the end, the plane ticket & hotel expense & etc etc weren’t much different than if we were going to San Diego haahahaha…

We departed from Vancouver on Saturday morning – way early morning. We had a lay over at Seattle for *supposedly* 3 hours, then *supposedly* another lay over at Salt Lake City and *supposedly* arrived at New Orelans at around 6 pm. But boy, that one airline ruined the whole plan!!!! My flight from Seattle to Salt Lake City was delayed for 2 hours; while the connecting flight from Salt Lake City to NOla was within 1 hour!!!! They delayed the flight due to aircraft issues. They said that the one of the aircraft engines was failing! We had a chance to get into the plane just to find ourself circling around the airport with horrible engine noise. Not taking chances over safety, me and my boyfriend decided to get off the plane and took another flight.


SeaTac Airport ; a cute green plane – no not the one that let us down!

Another flight had a connection at Atlanta, but then we arrived at NOla past midnight – which is sucky since we lost half precious day to walk around NOla and we had to go back to Vancouver on Monday! Anyway, this may be the most stressful flight I’ve ever been and I vowed  to myself to avoid using the same airlines – which apparently IS well known to have delays – and travelling to far destination during long weekend holiday. Lesson learned!

Thankfully, we booked different airline for the return flight to Vancouver and it was a smooth flight without teetsy tiny glitch!

Brief lay over in Atlanta (Hartsfield-Jackson Airport)

From previous experience, I know that my mind can handle stress pretty well – I always think whatever happened might have a reason behind it and I wasn’t that much angry by the time we sat on a plane to Atlanta. However, my body reacted differently! By the time we arrived at NOla, I had severe headache and I was shivering *plus I skipped lunch and dinner!* Fortunately, when we arrived in our hotel, Sheraton New Orleans, Burger King was right across the street and it opened really really late. And from my previous experience too, food is like my IV! One burger cured my shivering – not the headache though since I was lack of sleep too that day.

Let’s start from the journey from the Louis Armstrong International Airport to the hotel. We were torn between taxi & airport shuttle. Taxi was about $30-35 one way and shuttle was $38/person- round trip – both are almost the same cost for 2 people. However, we decided to go with the shuttle since it was more convenient, find the info here. For the return trip from the hotel to the airport, you can arrange the time while purchasing the ticket. Give yourself plenty time prior to the departure time, especially during rush hour! The trip to the hotel was actually only 30 minutes, but we had several people in the van whose destinations varied so we ended up driving around the city in about 40-50 minutes. Not a bad thing though because it gave us ideas and direction on where we would want to go.

Why we picked Sheraton New Orleans? While doing research, I found out that the rate was pretty  good for top hotel and it is close to the French Quarter area. Also, when I looked for boutique hotels inside the French Quarter, they were more expensive! The hotel room was spacious and they have a COOL floor to ceiling window pane overlooking the ‘bling-bling’ French Quarter! As I mentioned above, I wasn’t feeling well when arriving at the hotel. After we bought the burger – as my birthday meal since it was past midnight hehehehe – I went straight to bed so we could have early start the next day.

I have to cut my travel journal here since day 2 is a pretty packed day. I was gonna combined day 1 & 2 but it was just gonna be a long winding boring blog hehehehe… So, stay tuned to read the rest of my journey 🙂

P.S. Planning your trip to New Orleans? Check out their tourism website: here.


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