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DAY 2 in NEW ORLEANS! A super packed day!

Feeling refresh and happy, we woke up pretty early – wrong! We totally forgot about the time difference: NOla is 2 hours ahead of Vancouver hahahaha… So, what we thought early was almost afternoon hahaha…. We promptly headed toward French Quarter since it is the main attraction from what I researched. When we stepped out from the hotel on Canal Street, we saw this big red streetcar! CUTE! Plus, I saw palm tress and the weather was hot and a bit humid for October. I felt like we were back in a tropical country! Canal Street is a main street in NOla that divides the Central Business District and French Quarter area. The differences between these 2 areas are very visible. Along our hotel street side, we can see tall buildings; while on the side toward French Quarter, you can see tourist shops, retails, and fast food chains.


At the hotel lobby ; Canal St. streetcar

We walked toward Decatur Street. Entering French Quarter area was like entering to another rustic world. The buildings were old, some looked like so dingy; but above all, they were charming with French architecture. We entered a tourist shop since it had an aligator statue in front and displays of small preserved aligator head and they were REAL! It is not uncommon to eat aligator meat in NOla since they are everywhere and eating them is one way to control their exploding population. The shop even sells aligator jerky and canned aligator meat in Cajun style! We were also surprised by how many varieties of hot sauces they sell! There were lotsssss and their names were very interesting too hahaha… And who can visit NOla without beads and masquerades! Whatever color of beads you want, they had it!


Along Decatur St.

Tourist shop

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