Posted on: September 5, 2012

Wow…. It’s been 6 months since I wrote my last blog. In 6 months, a LOT had changed for me! Some are good but few are not so good. The bad news first: while I’m writing this blog, I’m in a mild pain since I sprained my right ankle this morning – just when I woke up! I hate being home alone (well, Honey – my rabbit – is by my side now) and feel powerless. I put some ointment, ice, wrapped around it but it still hurts…. On the plus side, I now have time to update my blog hahahha… Another not-so-good news is that Honey lost one of her toes last month. It was all started with a broken nail. I thought it was nothing serious as she broke her nails couple times in the past. The following day, the toe where the nail broke was swollen red. I never saw anything that big on her before. Immediately, I called up her vet and set an appointment. After going back and forth twice and gave Honey oral antibiotics for 3 weeks (and believe me, it was as hard as giving medicine to a baby! Honey struggled, jumped off, and scratched me couple time….), I decided that Honey needed a toe amputation since the vet said that her bone was already infected. August 29 was the longest day of my life! I dropped Honey off at the vet at 7.30 am and the nurse said that the vet would call me at around 2 pm. That day, I probably looked at the clock hundreds time and was super anxious waiting for the vet’s call. Well, 2 pm passed by and no phone call. I was getting worried. Luckily, it was busy at work and at around 3 pm the vet called. She said everything went well and Honey was in stable condition. I felt relieved as if there was a big load lifted from my shoulder. Now, she’s in the recovery mode. The wound heals perfectly but her right foot still looks weird since it has no fur on it….



Poor little Honey

Now, into the good stuffs! The biggest thing is that I’m now officially married! 😀 Super happy that finally I can have a perfect wedding. The theme was inspired by UP movie. For me that animation was the sweetest love story ever told. Why do I pick that theme? Well, there are lots of similarities between us and the movie (this is totally my opinion…). Ellie is the adventurous girl who always an optimist and has a big dream ~ me: always want to try new & weird stuff (food, especially) and dream to travel around the world. While Carl is a stubborn yet gentle man who loves his wife until the end ~ my hubby: yeah, he sometimes annoys me with his stubbornness but whenever I need a support, he gives it 1000% and always loves me although I’m wrong 🙂 Plus, the balloons and the colorfulness in the movie really caught my eyes. Hm… I won’t go into details about my wedding since I know it will bore you. I’ll dedicate an entry for my wedding in later days.

Picture by RedFlash Photography

Moving on, we’re now living in our own house! After 9 years living in an apartment, it was a huge different for me and my hubby. We now have to maintain our own house to keep it tidy and everything works perfectly. Well, thanks to youtube and google. I’m now proud to say that my hubby is able to fix our own leaking faucet, fixing wood fences, and mow our lawn hahaha… It was really a FUN learning process for both of us! When we first bought the house, the backyard was a mess. Lots of big trees with lots of leaves made them so scary at night. Luckily, when my dad came here for our wedding, he chopped all the ugly tress and even did some landscaping which really brightens our backyard. Since then, my hubby got infected by ‘gardening virus’ from my dad. We made a Square Foot Garden and planted some veggie & flower seed to them. Although it’s almost fall here, we’re hoping we can harvest some of it before winter came. Our tomato plants have some little fruits now and the apples are getting big and red day by day! We’re beyond excited! 😀

Our Square Foot Garden (box was made by hubby!)

Being a wife is a bit shock to me. There’re lots of things that need to be discussed together before we each make decision, especially about finance. As we have this big amount of mortgage for our house, we have to be extra careful on how we spend our money. This means we have to reduce our frequency to eat out and buy personal unnecessary things. Anyway, I find a joy in baking now. I’ve been making dessert at least once a week. Some are good (tiramisu, strawberry mousse cake, blueberry cobbler) but sometimes it failed (i.e. macaron- so damn hard!). Thanks to my coworker who gave us a Kitchen Aid mixer that I’d been dreaming for the past year. I feel challenged to try as many recipe as I can. Pinterest helps too… Whenever I saw a pretty dessert, I always want to try it (wish I had more spare time).

My First Homemade Tiramisu (recipe here)

As a newlywed, people always ask 2 things: how’s married life and are you having a baby soon? At first these questions annoy me as we don’t know how to answer it. Honestly, will you tell your not-so-close friend about your struggle as a newly married couple? For me, I’m not too comfortable with telling all my problems with them. Anyway, not that our marriage has a big trouble already but I think it takes time to adjust from being single to being married. One thing for sure, I’m way happier as a married woman who wakes up everyday with my lovely hubby by my side. As for baby… Hm… we have no plan or anything. We let whatever happen happens.

Anyway that’s the update from me. Lots of things for the blog: my wedding, our short trip to Toronto, my gardening, etc. Hope I have time to write…. Until next time!


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