438g of Happiness – The Story of Biscotti :)

Posted on: March 12, 2013

Yes! I found another happiness in me 🙂 My house isn’t cold anymore since the arrival of Biscotti 🙂

I have to say that I have the BEST husband in the world!!! I’ve been struggling to move on since Honey, my rabbit, died last September. Every time there’s a picture of cute animal or some cute puppies on TV, I always looked so sad – that’s what my hubby said 😛 So, finally, he allowed me to get another rabbit!!! 😀 Secretly, I was searching through craigslist for anyone who doesn’t want their rabbit or have baby bunnies for sale. Last week, after my hubby permission, I saw an advertisement about baby bunnies. The babies was a cross between lionhead and mini-rex. I’ve been wanting to have another type of rabbit than Netherland Dwarf since Honey was that type of rabbit. So, these bunnies are perfect!

I contacted the seller and drove almost an hour to go to her place on Sunday. When I got there, I could hop off of happiness!!! There were super-ultra cute 8 babies! Three of them showed prominent lionhead characteristics, while the other 5 were mini-rex. The mini rex ones were super friendly. As soon as I put my hand in the cage, they sniffed around and looked like they wanted to be petted. The lady said that the 2 lionhead are boys and 1 is girl. This time, I already made up my mind to get a boy bunny. Then, I saw these 2 dusty light brown  lionhead! And just like that, I fell in LOVE! My hubby picked one – the darker one – up and he looked so comfy on his arm. He moved around a little bit to sniff my hubby’s jacket. Then it was my turn to hold him! He was super cute and soft!!! He sniffed my jacket and wasn’t afraid to sniff my face. While holding the darker one, I asked my hubby to pick up the lighter brown lionhead. The lighter one is chubbier but he looked shy. He just stayed still on my hubby’s arms and when I hold him, he just seemed so scared. I put those 2 boy lionhead babies side by side. The lighter one immediately snuggle to the darker one. It was a hard decision to make between those 2 cute babies. At the end, I decided to get the darker brown lionhead baby since he’s more active one.

On the way home, my husband asked me what name should we give to the baby bunny. Out of the blue, I said “Biscotti!”  Just because couple days before, I was craving a chocolate cake so bad. Since I was too lazy to go out, I browsed Pinterest and found a Zebra bundt cake. I don’t have bundt cake mould so I baked the cake in regular round cake. The cake tasted good – even my husband finished half of it in the morning! Then he said that the cake tasted like biscotti. So, there goes the idea of naming him 🙂

It’s now Scotti’s 3rd day as the permanent resident of my house 🙂 I have forgotten how to litter train and train the baby bunny to drink from the water bottle. The most surprising thing is I forgot how light baby bunny is and how cute yet fragile he is! I’ve never been so excited to go home after work since Honey passed away. The past 2 days, all I can think of was how is my little Scotti doing in his cage 🙂

It’s been so long since a warm furry body sniffling my foot when I browse my internet to accompany me. Yes, it’s back to zero again with all the trainings and syringe-feeding milk. But, I love it anyway. Hope the twice-baked golden brown, Biscotti, will live long this time.

biscotti1 biscotti3

Name: Biscotti a.k.a. Scotti

DoB: Feb 3, 2013

Adoption Date: March 10, 2013

Type: Lionhead x Mini Rex



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