Scotti is loving the fall season

Posted on: September 20, 2013


For the whole week, I felt so grumpy and tired. My work was super busy and I wasn’t at my best health. After coming home, all I wanted to do was just sleep…. Hahahhaa… Anyway, I know I’m behind on my blog post on my Europe trip and I didn’t make any new amigurumi (yet).

Anyway, I was super busy that I forgot that September 15 was a year after Honey passed away. I felt like I’m a bad mom 😦 So, after work today, I let Scotti out at my backyard. We visited Honey’s little grave – that has lots of wild grass and dandelion leaves – on top :S (Okay… maybe I have to clean the mess this weekend). Anyway, I still missed her a lot sometimes. I miss petting her velvety fur and getting kissed by her tiny tongue.

Okay… done with the sadness and now back to Scotti 🙂 It’s been ages since he run along on the lush green grasses 🙂 Fortunately, this evening was just cloudy and wasn’t so cold. When I put him on the grass, he immediately chomping on the dandelion leaves. As usual, my backyard is Scotti’s all you can eat buffet hahaha…. When he finished eating (this was unusual -_-‘ ), he suddenly run around the grass from one end to the other… Lucky, I brought my camera with me and I just had to take pictures of his funny and cute runs 🙂

Couple days prior, one of my friends on facebook tags me on a Buzzfeed link about the most cutest bunny gifs!!! I was squealing with JOYS! hahahaha… Inspired by the SUPER CUTE gifs, I decided to make 2 from Scotti’s pictures today. Enjoy! 🙂


Play with me….


Catch me if you can 😛


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