Happy *belated* New Year 2014!

Posted on: January 9, 2014

Hiya all…

Happy *belated* New Year 2014!!!!

I know I’ve been so quiet lately. There were so much going on in December that I had no spare time to update the blog. I didn’t even bake any special dessert this past Christmas!

To celebrate the new year, I decided to make another blog exclusivelly for my amigurumi and craft projects at This will serves as my portfolio of my amigurumi plushies that I made so it’s easier for me to manage. I’m hoping that I can open my amigurumi online store sometime this year. *cross my fingers!*

So, what happen with my life from the last November and December? I can say not much but the impact is rather super big! Long story short, me and my husband have to move to another city in another country in less than a year! Exciting?! Yes and no… Yes, because honestly, I’m quite bored with Vancouver life here. No, because it means a massive moving and I have to adapt to new environment -again. Ah… so much stuffs to think and organize :S Anyway, we made this bold decision with a hope that we can have a better future in the new place. Amongst all doubts, I just keep my postive thinking and secretly, my adventurous  mind is challanged 😉 We’ll see how my life would be….

Oh… in December, I was also busy making amigurumi couples for my friends’ wedding. See the post here. I was worried that I couldn’t finish on time so I crochet everyday for 2.5 weeks! Luckily, I was done before the wedding.

So, that’s all the update from me. I will post the London trip series in the upcoming weeks.



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