San Francisco (part 1) – Pier 39 & Ferry Building

Posted on: August 5, 2014


I am supposed to post this entry before my Banff road trip since the actual trip was in January. The reason I delayed posting this is because I was back into crocheting and making amigurumi earlier this year (see my other blog Crafty Peachy Bunny). I am blessed that I actually sold some of my amigurumi and crochet baby booties to my friends. So far, the feedbacks were good and hopefully, I can have a small business on my own in the near future 🙂 *cross my fingers*

My trip to San Francisco wasn’t really a vacation. My hubby had to attend a training at his company HQ in San Francisco for about 4 weeks! Drat… it sure was super long and I missed him so bad… So, that’s why at the weekend of the 2nd week after he left Vancouver, I flew to SF to spend time with him and explore the city a bit. This wasn’t my first time visiting San Francisco. Back in 2007, me, my-now-hubby, and his friend had a road trip to San Francisco, LA, and Las Vegas. Ah… I was a fun memory! For this trip, I didn’t really plan to visit too much attractions since I only had 3 days to explore and I already visited most of the attractions back in 2007. Hence, I felt more relaxed this time and my main goal was to spend as much time with my dearest hubby 🙂

My flight departed at 6 AM! Yes, very very early and it was still winter time so it was still dark outside. The direct flight  from Vancouver to San Francisco took about 2.5 hours. I slept  soundly throughout the flight until the stewardess announced that we would arrived in SFO shortly. YAY! My husband already gave me a SIM card for a US cell phone provider but *silly me* I forgot to bring a pin to open the sim card slot on my iPhone. DUH!  So, I reluctantly had to sacrifice $1 to text him from my Canadian provider :S My husband booked a car online but then when we were about to pick up the car, he forgot to bring his driver licence!!!! Luckily, I brought mine and our GPS! So, I braved myself to drive from the airport to my hubby’s temporary apartment. Pfuhhh…

Feeling incredibly hungry, we tried to find the famous In-N-Out restaurant ahhahaa…. Unfortunately, it wasn’t open until later, so we stopped at Panera bread to have a quick breakfast. After resting a bit in the apartment and picked up my hubby’s driving license, we decided to go explore suburb neighborhood. To my surprise, SF traffic was way more jammed than Vancouver. We stuck in the traffic jam for about an hour and it wasn’t the peak hour! Thank God that our rental car has AC otherwise I would be toasted… and this was in January!!! When we saw In-N-Out sign near the highway exit, we immediately drove toward it to have a late lunch. Finally, my 7 years of craving was satisfied! *Okay… I might exaggerate a bit. IMO, the burger is good – better than McD – but the only thing that I truly craved for was the milkshake! I LOVE the thick-creamy-delicious milkshake!* We drove around a bit to the direction toward downtown SF. We arrived at the apartment quite late and we were already hungry again.


In n Out

In-N-Out Burger

After resting and napping for a while, we decided to have a supper at Pier 39. Most of the restaurants were close, so we decided to eat at Crab House. We ordered 1/2 crab and medium iron skillet roasted mussel & shrimp. The food was good. My favourite one was the garlic butter dip for the shrimp. Although the presentation looked small, we were super full by the end of the meal. Once we were outside the restaurant, we could hear the sea lion sound. We immediately marched toward the sea lion viewing area. It was actually  quite entertaining watching all the plushy sea lions just laying there and enjoying the night. We also walked around the shops in the area but they were already closed since it was pretty late. So, we decided to walk toward Fisherman Wharf just to take a picture of the iconic logo. We then saw another In-N-Out restaurant and I had to have the milkshake again! hahaha… That night, I slept like a baby since I had 2 milkshakes in a day! 😛


Pier 39-1

The famous Pier 39 with lots of unique stores and playful Piano staircase 🙂

Pier 39-3

The Lefty store; the bright Carousel; the Chocolate store; the Antiquities store

Crab house

Dinner at Crab House at Pier 39

Pier 39-2

Fisherman Wharf

Fisherman Wharf area

The following morning, we went to the farmers market at the Ferry Building near the apartment. There were so many people and a lot of different delicious food. Honestly, I was so confused to choose what to eat. In one stall, they have a fresh oyster for $1. Since I was craving for oyster, my hubby bought me one and it was super fresh! There were more stalls outside the building. At the back, there were fruits and vegetable stall. We bought some fruits just because they looked super fresh.  On the east side, there were some food stall and the oyster sandwich from Hayes Street Grill caught my eyes. I ordered one and it was super good! The sauce and the crunchy fried oyster satisfied my tummy 🙂 We ate on the bench near the pier while soaking up the Californian sun – although I was nervous that one of the seagulls might snatch my scrumptious sandwich hahahah….


Ferry Building-1

TOP (L to R): Ferry Building; Mushroom store that sell growing your own mushroom kits; the hallway full of people
BOTTOM (L to R): the fresh oyster stall; Boccalone; the Cheese shop

Ferry building-2

Me enjoying the delicious oyster sandwich by the pier


** To Be Continued to San Francisco (part 2) – The Walt Disney Museum **




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