Hi, I’m Meline J. Since I was in elementary school, I love to write. I used to dream that someday, I’d be a famous author for children books. Growing up, my family used to bring me to different places for vacation and tried different kinds of food. That’s why, I’m quite a foodie myself šŸ™‚

The first time I wrote my blog was to channel my passion of writing. As I travelled to some places, I found that it’s a bit difficult to find the details on ‘official’ websites. Instead, I found a lot of hidden gems and tips from other’s blogs. This inspired me to write an informative travel blog. Not only does it contain the greatness of a city or country, I also try to show you some of the challenges for me as a foreigner. I tried to be as detailed as I can, but I might miss one or two things. If you see the blue underlined words, click on it. It’ll bring you to a corresponding website that might be useful for your further references. Also, you can click on my pictures to see them more clearly.

When I’m not travelling, I love making amigurumi – Japanese crochet dolls – at home. I self-taught myself on how to crochet in 2009 while looking for a job after my university graduation. Youtube and internet are my main source and inspiration. Since then, I’ve been making cute amigurumi dolls on and off since I’m also working full time now. I proudly made some dolls for my wedding! YAY! You will see my creations here and there between the blogs šŸ˜‰ I’m still learning on many crocheting techniques and how to write a *proper* pattern. I’m in the process of opening my amigurumi store! So, stay tuned!

Hope you enjoy my blog. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give me a shout on the comment section.


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nice nice keep it up!

Nice to “meet” you, Melanie! You seem to be a very interesting person. I’m hooked with your blog! =)

Nice to meet you too! šŸ˜€

Meline, your blog is informative, helpful, and a great way to organize your pictures and thoughts. My photos and thoughts are not so well organized. Some of my photos are on my smart phone, and some are on my iPad. Could you please tell me what program you use to get organized?

Hi Marjorie, thank you for your kind words šŸ™‚ I know it’s very hard to be organized with hundreds – or maybe thousands – of pictures especially if you’re travelling. For me, the best way is the ‘manual’ way, i.e. creating folders on my hard drive with the date and place where I took the picture then transferring all the pictures from my SD cards to the hard drive. This way, it helps me when I look back on what pictures I will use for my blog entry. I use Adobe Photoshop to create collages of picture as you saw in my blog. The reason is that I loveee taking picture and sometimes I went too far and took hundreds of pictures. As a visual person, I want to show all of the interesting pictures to the readers *which is impossible with wordpress storage limit hahahaha…*. I found picture collages are the most effective way to show lots of picture with minimum Megabytes šŸ˜›

I sometimes use my iPhone and as I said before, I manually transfer the picture from the iPhone to my folder on my hard drive. I used iPhoto before and I think it’s quite helpful if your pictures are mostly from iPhone and iPad. It allows you to merge several transfer into 1 ‘folder’ and modify the folder name. You can also do minimal editing, such as brighten or colour contrast, on iPhoto which is more practical than Photoshop.

I hope it helps! šŸ™‚

Hi. I saw you spiderman minion on printerest. Do you have a pattern for that on?

Hi Peggy, I’m sorry I don’t have the pattern for it. For this moment, I only sell finished product. If you’re interested to buy the finish product, check out my etsy shop:

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