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For the whole week, I felt so grumpy and tired. My work was super busy and I wasn’t at my best health. After coming home, all I wanted to do was just sleep…. Hahahhaa… Anyway, I know I’m behind on my blog post on my Europe trip and I didn’t make any new amigurumi (yet).

Anyway, I was super busy that I forgot that September 15 was a year after Honey passed away. I felt like I’m a bad mom 😦 So, after work today, I let Scotti out at my backyard. We visited Honey’s little grave – that has lots of wild grass and dandelion leaves – on top :S (Okay… maybe I have to clean the mess this weekend). Anyway, I still missed her a lot sometimes. I miss petting her velvety fur and getting kissed by her tiny tongue.

Okay… done with the sadness and now back to Scotti 🙂 It’s been ages since he run along on the lush green grasses 🙂 Fortunately, this evening was just cloudy and wasn’t so cold. When I put him on the grass, he immediately chomping on the dandelion leaves. As usual, my backyard is Scotti’s all you can eat buffet hahaha…. When he finished eating (this was unusual -_-‘ ), he suddenly run around the grass from one end to the other… Lucky, I brought my camera with me and I just had to take pictures of his funny and cute runs 🙂

Couple days prior, one of my friends on facebook tags me on a Buzzfeed link about the most cutest bunny gifs!!! I was squealing with JOYS! hahahaha… Inspired by the SUPER CUTE gifs, I decided to make 2 from Scotti’s pictures today. Enjoy! 🙂


Play with me….


Catch me if you can 😛


As summer comes, we’ve been having a lot of sun for the past couple of days. In fact, I have to sleep on my guest bedroom since it was cooler than my master bedroom and plus, I keep sneezing when my hubby turns on the fan in our bedroom. Arghhh… I hate hay fever 😦 All the pollens make my nose itchy and my eyes swollen 😥

Anyhow, in the past week, I’ve been bringing Biscotti out to our backyard. This little bunny has a BIG apetite for a small figure! Well, to be fair, his digestive system works pretty fast. Although, Biscotti is only a bit over 4 months old now, he’s getting very long now. I know…. He’s not fatter but longer. When I looked at his pictures and videos of the ones when I brought him home, he looked so tiny – as the size of my palm. And now…. He’s at least twice the length and his face is a bit chubby now which reminds me of Hamtaro – my favourite little hamster anime from Japan. Everytime I let him out of his cage, the first thing he does is looking for food – even after I just fed him 5 minutes ago -_-” Apparently, this little rascal is quite smart. I store his pallet – which I use as his treat during hurdle exercise – in my guest room. By the first month, he knows where to look for the treat! He always goes straight to the guest room door and starts scratching the door – and sometimes, cutely & hopelessly looks at me begging for treat! Just last night, I let him out and I fell asleep. I forgot to close my guest room door. My hubby felt so weird because Scotti was so quiet. My hubby found him having a FEAST by planting his whole face into the bag of pallet and joyfully eating the pallet inside the bag! Naughty rabbit hahahaa….

When I first got him, I wasn’t sure I can love him the way I love Honey before. I treated Honey as my kid and when she passed away, my heart was broken. Unknowingly, my love to Scotti grows bigger every day. Not only is he smart (in terms of looking for treat & jumping hurdles), but he’s also more obedient and doesn’t poo & pee when I let him out – unlike Honey. The way I see it, Honey was more like me. Free spirited, stubborn, had her own way, but yet gentle and like to be loved. On the other hand, Biscotti is more like my hubby: always hungry hahahaha…. j/k my lovely hubby 😛

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Yes! I found another happiness in me 🙂 My house isn’t cold anymore since the arrival of Biscotti 🙂

I have to say that I have the BEST husband in the world!!! I’ve been struggling to move on since Honey, my rabbit, died last September. Every time there’s a picture of cute animal or some cute puppies on TV, I always looked so sad – that’s what my hubby said 😛 So, finally, he allowed me to get another rabbit!!! 😀 Secretly, I was searching through craigslist for anyone who doesn’t want their rabbit or have baby bunnies for sale. Last week, after my hubby permission, I saw an advertisement about baby bunnies. The babies was a cross between lionhead and mini-rex. I’ve been wanting to have another type of rabbit than Netherland Dwarf since Honey was that type of rabbit. So, these bunnies are perfect!

I contacted the seller and drove almost an hour to go to her place on Sunday. When I got there, I could hop off of happiness!!! There were super-ultra cute 8 babies! Three of them showed prominent lionhead characteristics, while the other 5 were mini-rex. The mini rex ones were super friendly. As soon as I put my hand in the cage, they sniffed around and looked like they wanted to be petted. The lady said that the 2 lionhead are boys and 1 is girl. This time, I already made up my mind to get a boy bunny. Then, I saw these 2 dusty light brown  lionhead! And just like that, I fell in LOVE! My hubby picked one – the darker one – up and he looked so comfy on his arm. He moved around a little bit to sniff my hubby’s jacket. Then it was my turn to hold him! He was super cute and soft!!! He sniffed my jacket and wasn’t afraid to sniff my face. While holding the darker one, I asked my hubby to pick up the lighter brown lionhead. The lighter one is chubbier but he looked shy. He just stayed still on my hubby’s arms and when I hold him, he just seemed so scared. I put those 2 boy lionhead babies side by side. The lighter one immediately snuggle to the darker one. It was a hard decision to make between those 2 cute babies. At the end, I decided to get the darker brown lionhead baby since he’s more active one.

On the way home, my husband asked me what name should we give to the baby bunny. Out of the blue, I said “Biscotti!”  Just because couple days before, I was craving a chocolate cake so bad. Since I was too lazy to go out, I browsed Pinterest and found a Zebra bundt cake. I don’t have bundt cake mould so I baked the cake in regular round cake. The cake tasted good – even my husband finished half of it in the morning! Then he said that the cake tasted like biscotti. So, there goes the idea of naming him 🙂

It’s now Scotti’s 3rd day as the permanent resident of my house 🙂 I have forgotten how to litter train and train the baby bunny to drink from the water bottle. The most surprising thing is I forgot how light baby bunny is and how cute yet fragile he is! I’ve never been so excited to go home after work since Honey passed away. The past 2 days, all I can think of was how is my little Scotti doing in his cage 🙂

It’s been so long since a warm furry body sniffling my foot when I browse my internet to accompany me. Yes, it’s back to zero again with all the trainings and syringe-feeding milk. But, I love it anyway. Hope the twice-baked golden brown, Biscotti, will live long this time.

biscotti1 biscotti3

Name: Biscotti a.k.a. Scotti

DoB: Feb 3, 2013

Adoption Date: March 10, 2013

Type: Lionhead x Mini Rex



Hiya… I know I’ve been in hiatus for the past 5 months. For some reason, I temporarily lost my passion to write since Honey – my pet rabbit – died last September. As you can see on my icon / profile pic, that cute bunny had been in my life for the past 6.5 years. Losing her has left me in a great depth of grieve. So, I decided to write a post on my experince with losing someone that is really precious to my heart – who sadly would be 7 years old today.

As a little background, I got Honey from my college friend. His roommate’s bunny gave birth to a total of 4 baby bunnies. The mom didn’t want to wean the babies so two of them didn’t survive the first day. My college friend told me the next day when we were on 8 am Biochemical class that story. As soon as I heard it, I had butterflies in my stomach since I’d been wanted to have a rabbit for quite sometimes. However, I kept my excitement to myself until the following day when my friend told me that another rabbit had died because the mom wouldn’t fed him/her. So, I braved myself and said to my friend that I would take the last baby bunny if he/she survive. Amazingly, the last bunny did survive! I was getting super excited. I still remember that my morning Biochem class was then not boring anymore because all we talked about was the bunny! My friend attentively fed the baby with lactose-free milk with a straw. Fast forward to March, I went to my friend’s apartment to pick up my baby bunny and it was my first time holding her and I was quite scared of this fragile baby. This grey fluff ball was shy at first and so suspicious of anything new. I put the baby in a small box and brought her home. Starting that day, my life had changed and I can proudly say that I’m a new mom 🙂

A lot has been going on in 6 years. For those who know me, I love to take pictures. During Honey’s first month, I took hundreds picture of her. I even put her in a tall Starbucks cup! That’s how petite she was! Honey was shy and didn’t want to be picked up at first. When I put her on my chest, she always turned away and put her buttock on my face hahaha… But one thing for sure, she loves when I stroke her forehead. Litter training was such a breeze with her. Even in young age, she was pretty good to know where to go for pee & poo. I also remember that one time she liked to go to my kitchen and hide under the fridge – again she was super petite – so I have to put a box to prevent her to go to the kitchen. One time when I brought her to my then-boyfriend house, she stole all the socks and put them in her cage. Even when I put the socks out, she would come back and grabbed the socks when I didn’t see her – what a tricky bunny! My favorite moment is during spring time. When the cherry was blossoming, the pretty pink background is super nice against her dark grey fur.

Some of my friends might argue that Honey was not all that sweet bunny. Some of them had been chased around by her hahaha…. She was one Energizer bunny and she wanted to play around. Even one of my good friend was afraid to go out from the room when Honey was out of her cage 😛 She wasn’t vicious or anything like that, I could say that Honey was a fast runner 😛 I was bitten, peed, and pooped so many times by her but I didn’t mind at all 🙂

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It’s been a week since Honey passed away. Yes, it happened so quick, in fact within 24 hours my world changed around. Last Friday after work, I visited Honey at the animal hospital. I could see that she was so happy to see me. As soon as I entered the room, she wanted to jumped from the nurse who held her. When the nurse put her on the table, she immediately run and stood up against my chest wanted me to hold her. I played for sometime with her and held her before I went home. That night, I was super happy since I thought my baby was going to go home soon!

Saturday morning…. I was in the bank when I received a call from the vet. He said Honey was limping. She dragged her right foot when she walked. My heart dropped but still I had hope for her since she was very healthy last night. I rushed to the hospital and met her. When the doctor gave her to me, I had a very bad vibe. Honey could barely walk! As soon as she saw me, she wanted to stood up but she couldn’t. I cried and cried. She was just helpless and I couldn’t believe that within 24 hours everything went downhill! I was angry and mad. Me and my husband spent about an hour in the room with Honey. We tried to find some answers to what happened to her in the last 24 hours that made her so sick. But all the efforts just seemed to make me more anxious. I couldn’t breathe and think anymore so we decided to take Honey home.

I’d never seen Honey so quiet before. Even in the car, I didn’t put her in her carrier. I just held her in my arms and she just stayed still. At home, I just sat in front of TV with her in my arms. She tried to walk couple times but then it seemed that her other foot got weaker too, so she gave up. When I put her in her cage, she just stayed still, barely moved at all! When I tried to force-feed her, she spitted all the food and didn’t want to drink too. Around 2 pm, I held her in my arms and watched TV. Eat, Pray, Love was happened to be on TV. For the full 2 hours, we watched that and Honey seemed to sit comfortable on my chest.

After the movie, I took a nap and I had a dream where me and my husband visited a huge dome shaped hospital to take Honey home. All the residents there wore white clothes. I didn’t remember the detail but at the end of my dream there were 2 little boys holding one rabbit each. One was holding Honey and the other boy was holding a smaller rabbit. They gave both rabbit to me and said that Honey could go home with the other rabbit since the other rabbit only wanted to play with Honey. And they also warned me that Honey could be a little aggressive since she bit the other rabbit earlier but she seemed to enjoy the company. I was woken up by my brother calling me that Honey ate a little piece of cantaloupe that he gave her. My heart swelled a bit and I thought maybe it was all positive signs that Honey would get better.

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I got a devastating news last week. I started last Tuesday when I had tendonitis. I just happened to notice that Honey, my rabbit, wasn’t eating as much. Even when I let her out of her cage, she just sit still and seemed so weak (she usually run around and around and around when I let her out). First, I thought she was just sleepy but then on Wednesday, she was weaker. She wouldn’t lick my finger and didn’t touch her food at all – even her treat! On Friday, lucky that my brother came home from school early, I brought her to the vet. The first doctor who saw her was not her regular doctor. It seemed that he was a bit clueless. He said that it might have to do with Gastro Intestinal Problem – which she had the same thing a year ago. I refused to let Honey stay at the hospital since I am very confident that I can force-feed her and give her medication (even though I have to wake 2 am in the morning). But then this first doctor consulted her problem with Honey’s regular doctor. After the second exam, it seemed that she had some lumps in her abdomen. This doctor then recommended me to let Honey stay at the hospital for the weekend and see if it’s GI problem or other things.

On the weekend, I called the hospital everyday. And it seemed that Honey still didn’t want to eat the alfalfa. Fast forward to today, Monday. I was hoping that I could pick her up to go home. But instead, the doctor showed me the X-ray of her abdomen. I could see there were one or maybe several lumps at her lower abdomen and it started to calcify. The doctor recommended that she needs surgery to see what the lump is. It might be uterine tumor or worst, cancer :S I visited Honey at her kennel today. She seems weak and might lose some weight. She was jumpy too since there was a dog barking from another room. I gave her carrot and treat that I brought from home. She ate one carrot and it made my heart a bit at ease. At least she still wants to eat something.

Tomorrow is Honey’s surgery. There’s 50:50 chance that she might or might not wake up from anaesthesia. I’ve been crying the whole weekend. Even yesterday when I cut some carrots for dinner, this little thing reminds me of Honey – how she always jumps around when she smells the carrot bits that I bring to her. My heart is torn. If I refuse to do the surgery, she won’t eat anyway. On the other hand, those 50% chance that she might not wake up frightens me to death. I keep assuring myself that Honey IS a SURVIVOR. Since she was born, she is the only one who survive until now – all 3 other siblings were dead since her mom refused to nurse them. Also, 2 weeks ago, she survived the anaesthesia from her toe amputation. Oh God! Please please let her wake up tomorrow. I know tonight and tomorrow will be the longest day of my life. I might not be sleeping tonight like yesterday since all I can see and think whenever I close my eyes is HONEY.

While driving to work & to the vet today, so many questions popped in my head. Am I a good enough mom for Honey? I should’ve let her out more often or I should’ve spent more time to play with her or I should’ve taken more pictures of her. I just don’t want to think that today is my last time seeing her. I want to be optimist that she WILL DEFINITELY survive the surgery tomorrow! Sometimes, I think why there’s always be this moment where everything is uncertain. Even my hubby said that I worry too much for such a pet. But then, Honey is NOT just a pet. She’s the first living thing that makes me feel like I have something to protect, take care, and always love. People may think I’m a bit crazy to love a rabbit that much. But for me, Honey is something that I give my heart out but I never expect the love back (well, I’m pretty sure she loves me too).

As for now, I know it’s hopeless to cry at uncertainties. I just pray that God still gives me a chance to make Honey happy one last time. Please Honey, be strong for me…. There’re lots of people who love you too.

With love and lots of pray,


Wow…. It’s been 6 months since I wrote my last blog. In 6 months, a LOT had changed for me! Some are good but few are not so good. The bad news first: while I’m writing this blog, I’m in a mild pain since I sprained my right ankle this morning – just when I woke up! I hate being home alone (well, Honey – my rabbit – is by my side now) and feel powerless. I put some ointment, ice, wrapped around it but it still hurts…. On the plus side, I now have time to update my blog hahahha… Another not-so-good news is that Honey lost one of her toes last month. It was all started with a broken nail. I thought it was nothing serious as she broke her nails couple times in the past. The following day, the toe where the nail broke was swollen red. I never saw anything that big on her before. Immediately, I called up her vet and set an appointment. After going back and forth twice and gave Honey oral antibiotics for 3 weeks (and believe me, it was as hard as giving medicine to a baby! Honey struggled, jumped off, and scratched me couple time….), I decided that Honey needed a toe amputation since the vet said that her bone was already infected. August 29 was the longest day of my life! I dropped Honey off at the vet at 7.30 am and the nurse said that the vet would call me at around 2 pm. That day, I probably looked at the clock hundreds time and was super anxious waiting for the vet’s call. Well, 2 pm passed by and no phone call. I was getting worried. Luckily, it was busy at work and at around 3 pm the vet called. She said everything went well and Honey was in stable condition. I felt relieved as if there was a big load lifted from my shoulder. Now, she’s in the recovery mode. The wound heals perfectly but her right foot still looks weird since it has no fur on it….



Poor little Honey

Now, into the good stuffs! The biggest thing is that I’m now officially married! 😀 Super happy that finally I can have a perfect wedding. The theme was inspired by UP movie. For me that animation was the sweetest love story ever told. Why do I pick that theme? Well, there are lots of similarities between us and the movie (this is totally my opinion…). Ellie is the adventurous girl who always an optimist and has a big dream ~ me: always want to try new & weird stuff (food, especially) and dream to travel around the world. While Carl is a stubborn yet gentle man who loves his wife until the end ~ my hubby: yeah, he sometimes annoys me with his stubbornness but whenever I need a support, he gives it 1000% and always loves me although I’m wrong 🙂 Plus, the balloons and the colorfulness in the movie really caught my eyes. Hm… I won’t go into details about my wedding since I know it will bore you. I’ll dedicate an entry for my wedding in later days.

Picture by RedFlash Photography

Moving on, we’re now living in our own house! After 9 years living in an apartment, it was a huge different for me and my hubby. We now have to maintain our own house to keep it tidy and everything works perfectly. Well, thanks to youtube and google. I’m now proud to say that my hubby is able to fix our own leaking faucet, fixing wood fences, and mow our lawn hahaha… It was really a FUN learning process for both of us! When we first bought the house, the backyard was a mess. Lots of big trees with lots of leaves made them so scary at night. Luckily, when my dad came here for our wedding, he chopped all the ugly tress and even did some landscaping which really brightens our backyard. Since then, my hubby got infected by ‘gardening virus’ from my dad. We made a Square Foot Garden and planted some veggie & flower seed to them. Although it’s almost fall here, we’re hoping we can harvest some of it before winter came. Our tomato plants have some little fruits now and the apples are getting big and red day by day! We’re beyond excited! 😀

Our Square Foot Garden (box was made by hubby!)

Being a wife is a bit shock to me. There’re lots of things that need to be discussed together before we each make decision, especially about finance. As we have this big amount of mortgage for our house, we have to be extra careful on how we spend our money. This means we have to reduce our frequency to eat out and buy personal unnecessary things. Anyway, I find a joy in baking now. I’ve been making dessert at least once a week. Some are good (tiramisu, strawberry mousse cake, blueberry cobbler) but sometimes it failed (i.e. macaron- so damn hard!). Thanks to my coworker who gave us a Kitchen Aid mixer that I’d been dreaming for the past year. I feel challenged to try as many recipe as I can. Pinterest helps too… Whenever I saw a pretty dessert, I always want to try it (wish I had more spare time).

My First Homemade Tiramisu (recipe here)

As a newlywed, people always ask 2 things: how’s married life and are you having a baby soon? At first these questions annoy me as we don’t know how to answer it. Honestly, will you tell your not-so-close friend about your struggle as a newly married couple? For me, I’m not too comfortable with telling all my problems with them. Anyway, not that our marriage has a big trouble already but I think it takes time to adjust from being single to being married. One thing for sure, I’m way happier as a married woman who wakes up everyday with my lovely hubby by my side. As for baby… Hm… we have no plan or anything. We let whatever happen happens.

Anyway that’s the update from me. Lots of things for the blog: my wedding, our short trip to Toronto, my gardening, etc. Hope I have time to write…. Until next time!


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