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Hiya all…

Happy *belated* New Year 2014!!!!

I know I’ve been so quiet lately. There were so much going on in December that I had no spare time to update the blog. I didn’t even bake any special dessert this past Christmas!

To celebrate the new year, I decided to make another blog exclusivelly for my amigurumi and craft projects at This will serves as my portfolio of my amigurumi plushies that I made so it’s easier for me to manage. I’m hoping that I can open my amigurumi online store sometime this year. *cross my fingers!*

So, what happen with my life from the last November and December? I can say not much but the impact is rather super big! Long story short, me and my husband have to move to another city in another country in less than a year! Exciting?! Yes and no… Yes, because honestly, I’m quite bored with Vancouver life here. No, because it means a massive moving and I have to adapt to new environment -again. Ah… so much stuffs to think and organize :S Anyway, we made this bold decision with a hope that we can have a better future in the new place. Amongst all doubts, I just keep my postive thinking and secretly, my adventurous  mind is challanged 😉 We’ll see how my life would be….

Oh… in December, I was also busy making amigurumi couples for my friends’ wedding. See the post here. I was worried that I couldn’t finish on time so I crochet everyday for 2.5 weeks! Luckily, I was done before the wedding.

So, that’s all the update from me. I will post the London trip series in the upcoming weeks.




Wow…. It’s been 6 months since I wrote my last blog. In 6 months, a LOT had changed for me! Some are good but few are not so good. The bad news first: while I’m writing this blog, I’m in a mild pain since I sprained my right ankle this morning – just when I woke up! I hate being home alone (well, Honey – my rabbit – is by my side now) and feel powerless. I put some ointment, ice, wrapped around it but it still hurts…. On the plus side, I now have time to update my blog hahahha… Another not-so-good news is that Honey lost one of her toes last month. It was all started with a broken nail. I thought it was nothing serious as she broke her nails couple times in the past. The following day, the toe where the nail broke was swollen red. I never saw anything that big on her before. Immediately, I called up her vet and set an appointment. After going back and forth twice and gave Honey oral antibiotics for 3 weeks (and believe me, it was as hard as giving medicine to a baby! Honey struggled, jumped off, and scratched me couple time….), I decided that Honey needed a toe amputation since the vet said that her bone was already infected. August 29 was the longest day of my life! I dropped Honey off at the vet at 7.30 am and the nurse said that the vet would call me at around 2 pm. That day, I probably looked at the clock hundreds time and was super anxious waiting for the vet’s call. Well, 2 pm passed by and no phone call. I was getting worried. Luckily, it was busy at work and at around 3 pm the vet called. She said everything went well and Honey was in stable condition. I felt relieved as if there was a big load lifted from my shoulder. Now, she’s in the recovery mode. The wound heals perfectly but her right foot still looks weird since it has no fur on it….



Poor little Honey

Now, into the good stuffs! The biggest thing is that I’m now officially married! 😀 Super happy that finally I can have a perfect wedding. The theme was inspired by UP movie. For me that animation was the sweetest love story ever told. Why do I pick that theme? Well, there are lots of similarities between us and the movie (this is totally my opinion…). Ellie is the adventurous girl who always an optimist and has a big dream ~ me: always want to try new & weird stuff (food, especially) and dream to travel around the world. While Carl is a stubborn yet gentle man who loves his wife until the end ~ my hubby: yeah, he sometimes annoys me with his stubbornness but whenever I need a support, he gives it 1000% and always loves me although I’m wrong 🙂 Plus, the balloons and the colorfulness in the movie really caught my eyes. Hm… I won’t go into details about my wedding since I know it will bore you. I’ll dedicate an entry for my wedding in later days.

Picture by RedFlash Photography

Moving on, we’re now living in our own house! After 9 years living in an apartment, it was a huge different for me and my hubby. We now have to maintain our own house to keep it tidy and everything works perfectly. Well, thanks to youtube and google. I’m now proud to say that my hubby is able to fix our own leaking faucet, fixing wood fences, and mow our lawn hahaha… It was really a FUN learning process for both of us! When we first bought the house, the backyard was a mess. Lots of big trees with lots of leaves made them so scary at night. Luckily, when my dad came here for our wedding, he chopped all the ugly tress and even did some landscaping which really brightens our backyard. Since then, my hubby got infected by ‘gardening virus’ from my dad. We made a Square Foot Garden and planted some veggie & flower seed to them. Although it’s almost fall here, we’re hoping we can harvest some of it before winter came. Our tomato plants have some little fruits now and the apples are getting big and red day by day! We’re beyond excited! 😀

Our Square Foot Garden (box was made by hubby!)

Being a wife is a bit shock to me. There’re lots of things that need to be discussed together before we each make decision, especially about finance. As we have this big amount of mortgage for our house, we have to be extra careful on how we spend our money. This means we have to reduce our frequency to eat out and buy personal unnecessary things. Anyway, I find a joy in baking now. I’ve been making dessert at least once a week. Some are good (tiramisu, strawberry mousse cake, blueberry cobbler) but sometimes it failed (i.e. macaron- so damn hard!). Thanks to my coworker who gave us a Kitchen Aid mixer that I’d been dreaming for the past year. I feel challenged to try as many recipe as I can. Pinterest helps too… Whenever I saw a pretty dessert, I always want to try it (wish I had more spare time).

My First Homemade Tiramisu (recipe here)

As a newlywed, people always ask 2 things: how’s married life and are you having a baby soon? At first these questions annoy me as we don’t know how to answer it. Honestly, will you tell your not-so-close friend about your struggle as a newly married couple? For me, I’m not too comfortable with telling all my problems with them. Anyway, not that our marriage has a big trouble already but I think it takes time to adjust from being single to being married. One thing for sure, I’m way happier as a married woman who wakes up everyday with my lovely hubby by my side. As for baby… Hm… we have no plan or anything. We let whatever happen happens.

Anyway that’s the update from me. Lots of things for the blog: my wedding, our short trip to Toronto, my gardening, etc. Hope I have time to write…. Until next time!


>WOWSA! It’s been almost 3 years since I wrote my last entry!

I know, I know… I’m so bad at keeping routines, except for work, sleeping, eating & reading perezhilton (can u believe it? I still read that blog after 3 years!). What first seems so ambitious will soon be abandoned. It’s just my nature, but one for sure, I won’t forget whatever I start. So here I am now.

How am I in the past 3 years? A LOT of things happened to me. Was it always happy? NO. Was it always sad? Not really. I learned a LOT from the past 3 years. From being a student, part time worker, then now full time worker. Then past the age where I was my mother’s age when she gave birth to me. All I can say is that I’m so grateful that I’m still breathing & enjoying my life every second.

I’m not planning to write a lot today. Just want to give back a spark to my writing desire since I’ve been thinking about it a lot these past few days. So I guess this is my welcoming back to my blog and hopefully I can update this once every few days.


>Everywhere, entertainers’ gossips are a delicious guilty pleasure – well at least for me, it’s true. I spend at least 1 hour every day to check or before going to sleep, just to get updated gossips about the celebs. I know it’s wasting my time and yet, that’s my gateway from a long day stress.

In the past couple of months, news about Britney Spears are everywhere! (and I’m getting sick of these news!). I once read around midnight and I was so surprise that there were like tons of Britney’s news which were updated every hour! That’s INSANE! How can so many paparazzi following her 24 hours??? Don’t those paparazzi have better news to cover? My heart goes to Britney. I felt sorry for her situation. If I were her, I probably wouldn’t survive those paparazzi and I would go MAD! – which is what Britney is right now.

Couple months ago, one of my friend’s mom came here. She’s just a regular housewife and what I like about her is that she know all the gossip about the celebrities in my home-country. From what I heard from her, the celebrities in my home-country were now totally different than they were five years ago when I left. Now, sex before marriage, divorce, abuse, ‘adult’ scene in the movie, and many of things that weren’t allowed in Eastern culture are emerged and people are get used to them. Is this a culture shift? OR Is it just a trend all over the world? I think celebs in my home-country are just trying to “Hollywood-nize” themselves so that people think that celebs are cool. That’s so silly!

What I learn about the celebrities’ life is that the fame they earned costs them their life! Once the public recognize you, your life is an open door that people can see what you are doing, what your struggle is, who do you go dinner with, what clothes and shoes are you wearing, etc etc. Fame may feel good. Honestly, who doesn’t like money and good life?! But when the harsh critiques struck you, you’ll feel that your heart is crushed, torn, or stabbed. But that’s the consequence that celebs can’t avoid. How well they keep their life private, gossips would emerge out of nowhere because people are curious about “unseen” part of the celebs.

If there was a chance for me to be a celeb, would I take it? Personally, I would think millions or gazillions time to take that chance. I love my private life. I don’t need people all over the world to recognize me. But, I do want to contribute something to the community and I believe that there’re thousand ways to do it without passing the celebs lifestyle. I am a human and I know that once you are famous, your mind and heart may easily affected and change. I realize that even me, myself, is prone to these changes. I’m grateful for who I am right now. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to life with what I need. For those who decided to become a celebrity, Guard Your Heart!


Hi all,

Welcome to my blog. It’s not my first time writing a blog. I just decided to change my server since the old one was not really convenient for me (if you curious, go to: 
So why “AndromedHa”?
1. Andromeda is a princess who was sacrificed to sea monster in Greek mythology 
2. Andromeda is a spiral galaxy, near Milky way (our galaxy) (
3. Andromeda is a mountain located on the boundary of Banff and Jasper national park (
4. Andromeda polifolia (or bog-rosemary) is a scarce, evergreen shrub with small pink flower in May and June (
–> What’s with the “H“? It’s just simply the unique character of me =) 
So, enjoy my posts and hopefully my thought inspire you.

Andromeda in Greek myth; The Andromeda Galaxy, Mt. Andromeda, Andromeda polifolia

Hi all,

Well, Yudi just started to write a blog everyday (like 2 weeks ago). This gives me an idea too! Why don’t I regularly writing on my blog too? I know this FS blog may not accessible to many ppl, but this still accountable as MY BLOG too, rite?

If you read my previous posts. They’re just some random things: about my thoughts, song lyrics that I love so much, and -mostly- about my bunny, Honey 😛

So, from now, I’m gonna starting my so-called “REAL” blog. I’ll keep posting ‘random’ material once in a while, but I’ll improve the quality of my blog by writing more ‘heavy’ content. This post may be countable as my first formal intro to the new phase of my blog.

UPDATE 2011: This entry was imported from my ‘ancient’ Friendster blog since I’m gonna delete my FS account…

Enjoy guys,

It’s just funny how suddenly you feel world seems to spin faster than you think. Well, here I am stuck in the middle of the world and carried away by the trends of the world. This year, I found out that many people at my age – well, around my age – are getting married or already married. If you ask me how many are they. I can say 1 girl from my highschool, 1 girl from my Indo church, 5 girls at my work, 1 boy from my current church.

The greatest vibe of ‘married’ thingy comes from my work place. Since I work in such a small lab, these 5 girls always talk about their wedding plan. It doesn’t bother me, though. In fact, I was sort of carried away with them. I started to fantasize what my ‘perfect’ wedding would be. Even one night I dreamt about it hahaha… Well in my dream, I was wearing a white wedding gown with a golden silk ribbon around my waist and a short tail (omg… i really get infected by my girlfriends hahaha). Then, the reception place was covered with white fabric and golden ribbon too. On each table, red roses were placed and there were candles everywhere. Ok ok.. I will stop talking too much about my fantasy wedding.

Back to reality… I and Yudi has been together for 2 years now. I’m not sure if it’s because we’re in a happy month or what, but our relationship is going strong. And this past weeks, I really can feel that he loves me so much (or because it’s the effect of Dawson’s Creek that he watched non-stop 24/7 hehehe). Anyway, it’s a good thing – at least for me =P I bugged him many times about being engaged and me like to be proposed and given an engagement ring. At the first time, he was surprised and thought that I was serious about that. Well, I was sort of serious but just playing around at the same time. But overtime, he knew that I just bugged him (lol). His answer is always constant ‘NO’. Hurt? nope! Disapointed? At first, yes, but now that I re-think about that, I’m glad that he said no. Why?

Well, it takes TONES of thing to get to that stage. Engagement or mariage is not a simple thing. Although we love each other, it is not enough to build a family. BUT it’s ONE of the basic requirement for building a family! I know that me and him are always wanted to stay at Canada. We’re always talking about getting a permanent residence, how to get a job, how to do mortgage, and other stuffs that we want to do here. We want to build our own life, starting from zero in Vancouver. It’s not like our parents don’t want to contribute anything after we’re graduating, but I guess we have a challenging-mind about our life. I, personally, love to challange myself in most of things. I consider my effort to be a Canadian PR as my current challange. And yet, I’m still far away from achieving that goal. I know Yudi also wants to stay here since he got paid more here than in Indo. So it’s more likely that we should focus on achieving our goal – at least to survive and stay in Canada first and get decent job to start a family.

So now, for me, it takes love (which I already have) and status to be prepared. But one crucial thing is MONEY! Well, nobody can life without money. And yet again, I promise myself that my wedding and honey moon cost should be covered by my own money. My parents could help a little bit, but I don’t want to be a burden for them. Then, recalling a conversation with my other friends at work, he has planned to buy a house with his girlfriend! What he says amaze me and encourages me to do the same! At least, me and Yudi should start a mortgage before we get married. And before then, I hope we get a decent job that pays well.

I wouldn’t think about life after marriage for now. I’ll leave it for another 5 or 6 or undefinete years from now. These little tid-bits really open my eyes that starting a family is now simply following a trend to marry at young age or merely to be popular among your friends. It takes TONES of consideration besides your feeling. Am I ready to get married soon? I can say with confidence that I’m NOT! When am I getting married? Hm… I can’t say it for now, but if it’s the time I know that I would be ready emotionaly and economically.

Also, what’s the disadvantage of being in relationship with the one I love? I’m in love and be loved. I’m getting to know his character which prepares me to the next stage. I’m free to walk away if we’re find no way out of our differences. I’m committed and he’s too. I think I’m happy with what I am right now. I believe that if it’s my time, God will lead His way for me.

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