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After a tiring day, we let ourselves sleep a bit more on the third day in Quebec City. After having breakfast, we were ready to explore the other side of Rue Saint-Jean, the area further from Old Quebec. From the research I did, there is a Chocolate museum somewhere along this street, so that was our goal.

Passing the St. Mathew Cemetry, we finally found Erico Chocolate Museum. We came just in time the store to open. This chocolate museum & store tucked between shops and restaurants that we almost missed it. Thanks to the iPhone app (Vive Cite) that buzzed to notify that we were near. They had a Christmas display in front of the store made of chocolate. To the left of the store, there was a mini chocolate museum. It shows the history of chocolate, the ancient tools to make it, and some of the modern moulds for chocolate production. There was a big window where we could see the kitchen. When we were there, nobody was in the kitchen – maybe we were too early ๐Ÿ˜› They also had some dispensers containing chocolate from different countries. My fiance tried the 100% cacao and it was bitter! Oddly enough, he liked it hahhaha… After browsing the museum, we headed to the store. They sold some cute shaped chocolate, such as iPod, Blackberry, guitar, and violin. We bought some chocolate as gifts for our friends and we also bought 2 chocolate cupcakes. The cupcakes were very dense chocolate cake and the frosting was good too! What a great way to start our day ๐Ÿ™‚ There were some seats in the front of museum, so we enjoyed our cupcake while planning our next destination.

Erico Chocolate Museum

The chocolate store and the cupcakes

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Writing is addictive! Once I started one post yesterday, all I could think this morning at my office was writing part 2 of my trip! Yes, sharing my experience is as exciting as planning and the trip itself! And I genuinely hope, I can help other travelers out there to explore the cities ๐Ÿ™‚ So, here is my journey in Quebec City on the second day, which was happened to be Christmas day!

What could be more perfect than waking up on Christmas day and looking outside the window where all the grounds were white! YES! I was having a PERFECT WHITE CHRISTMAS! ๐Ÿ˜€ We had a quick continental breakfast in the hotel since it was included when we booked our room. Then, we walked toward Old Quebec. Although the map showed that Old Quebec was a bit far from our hotel, we enjoyed the walk along Rue St. Louis. (Because I took lots lots and lots of pictures hahaha… and plus the white snow made the picture looked so bright and fresh!). The houses and restaurants along this street had rustic style with stones wall – which I LOVE! It felt like we were in Europe!ย The funny thing that my brother noticed was that some of the duplex house has “1/2” in its number! Just like in Harry Potter – remember Platform 9 3/4 ?!

ย ย ย ย 

Rue St. Louis – beautiful architecture & unique house #

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